Lake Park boys baseball to Arizona for spring break

Jenna Hanson, Staff Editor

If you haven’t been keeping up with the boys baseball Twitter account, then you’re missing out on some exciting news.

Head Coach Dan Colucci led the team to earn third place at their state competition in 2018 and overtaking the regional championship. These young men have put in hard work that will soon pay off.

Former Lancer and baseball player Dom Torsen directly donated to the baseball program to help begin the fund for the team’s trip to Phoenix during spring break to play in the Greenway Festival Tournament. With the assistance of donations from American Electric Construction Co and former coach Brian Elliot, the team is going to spend their money generously on their first ever trip in Lake Park history.

“We have received a lot of donations for our trip. I wouldn’t like to single anyone out”  when it came to asking about the donors, Colucci said..

Not only have the parents been helping, Colucci would also like to thank the local community and Lake Park staff. These young men have been fundraising for months to help with making everything as affordable as possible for them while also keeping the community updated on their whereabouts.

Not only does this destination tournament bring them competition from New Mexico, Colorado, and California while also battling the amazing weather, the boys will be playing eight varsity games with hope of one junior varsity game squeezed in.

“We are really excited to get out of the Chicagoland area and weather for a week,” Coluci said.

Practices begin on March 5th and will continue for three weeks before their first chicagoland game of 2019, kicking off with Hoffman Estates on March 22nd, just before their trip. Once the team is home, they will begin games in the DuKane conference. This change will be tolling on them because of the time change, but nothing will stop these men from reaching another state title. The wheels are predicted to be on the ground Friday, March 29th for this group and turn right back around and thrown into another game on Tuesday, April 2nd. At least this one is our home turf against John Hersey High School. The team also has another home game the very next day against Elk Grove High School.