Open mic night returns to LP

Bailey Rezman, Perspective Editor

Poetry Club sponsored their very own Open Mic Night this past Thursday and revived the event after it hadn’t been put on in years.

After having to reschedule the original day, English teacher Josie Cloud and participants worked hard to finally put together an opportunity for students to perform anything they would like.

Open Mic provided students the opportunity to express their creativity and offered a chance to allow students to share their voice and talents with other peers and teachers.

The original idea behind open mic came from a student who wanted to perform her own original songs, but felt she had no place at Lake Park to do so. So she came up with the idea to put on an open mic night so that other creative students like her can have a place to share their talents and perform in a stress free environment.

How open mic worked was that students would sign up when they get to the event and then got to perform any piece of their choosing, all while surrounded by good friends and sweet treats.

The sign ups started at 6:45, and there were a variety of acts and talents that LP students got to share, including original poetry, original songs, and comedic stand up.

Junior Emily Martyka performed on Thursday, where she sang and played piano on the song “Perfect Together“ by Rosanna Pansino.

About the event and performing, she said, “The reason I wanted to do open mic night was because it gives me and others an opportunity to show any talent they desire without having the stress about auditioning.

“Being able to sign up and have the audience support you in whatever your talent is, is awesome,” she said. “It just shows how much of a supportive community Lake Park is.”

Senior Sarah Yochem came to school watch students perform on Thursday.

“I came to open mic because I want to support my friend and I think it’s important that we have these events because there are so many talented people in Lake Park,” she said. “And this is another way for people to show their talents through original song or skits.”

When asked about performing at an open mic after watching this one she said, “After watching I would participate at another Lake Park open Mic. I don’t think I would ever sing because I can’t but I would definitely be part of a skit.”

Even the teachers got involved. Cloud ran the event and even performed.

When asked about why she is sponsored open mic, she said “Lake Park is full of talented youth, and we want to give students a place to create and perform.”

With demand from students Poetry Club plans to sponsor more open mics throughout the rest of the school year for the creative students at Lake Park to truly express themselves through performance.