Love bloomed in the hallways last Valentine’s Day–with carnation sales

Maya Stawarski, Staff Reporter

Carnation for your Heart Sensation is a Valentine’s Day event that student council created to promote the spirit of Valentine’s Day and show your appreciation to one another by purchasing and sending carnations to friends or your “heart sensation.”

Students started purchasing carnations on the week of Monday, February 11th and student runners were distributing them between periods four and seven to classes.

“To send a carnation, you write your name and their name with a cute message on a slip and turn it in. The room numbers are written and sent by counselors/distributors and they come around during different class periods,” said Isabella Gallichio, Senior at Lake Park High School and participant in the event. “Everything was super organized and I saw a lot of carnations in the halls on Valentine’s Day,” she said.

Carnation for your Heart Sensation has a different meaning for everyone. Some say it’s simply a nice gesture for their friends or significant others, while others see it as a way to get their friends to blush in the middle of class.

“(Carnation for your Heart Sensation) means being able to show appreciation to people you love in a fun way,” said Gallichio. “I’ve received two this year, and sent out four to my friends with silly and cute messages, and one to my “heart sensation,” she said.

Claire Moloczyj, a senior at Lake Park High School elaborated on different ideas to make Carnation for your Heart Sensation even better for upcoming years. “I think it would be super fun and cool to make it super traditional and cheesy, and be able to pay a couple more dollars to have someone serenaded! I think it would make a lot of people smile and maybe some students in choir can serenade other students with cheesy love songs while handing out the roses,” she said.