Girl Up club brings together local women

Jenna Hanson, Perspective Editor

When you think of the club, Girl Up, you’re most likely thinking of feminism and how they only support women.

Only some of that is true.

“The word ‘Feminist’ is always viewed in the wrong lens” said senior and President Michaela Brant. “The real meaning is that men and women should be treated equally.”

Girl Up: an organization brought to you by a group of students looking to help out the women around them. A group not just discussing the issues around the world involving women, but also acting upon those.

These dedicated students plan around five to six donation drives per school year. They are national and international. Some drives are close to home.

The most recent drive that had just happened was to help bring period products to women in Chicago that were in need. In the near future, group members plan to have a bake sale for women in Uganda. It includes a movie showing named, “Period. End of Sentence”

Donating period products is not their main goal. They also aim to donate money to schools that are in need of funds. The members have realized their compassion for people all around the world.

Having the support around the school and people participating in their drives and meetings helps inspire the group with looking into things to look into next. This group has come together and believes that being aware of what is going on around the world and helping the people that need to be helped makes someone more compassionate.

While this group is looking to help everyone around the world, they are trying to reduce stigma around many things.

For example, the word “menstruation.” Today, it is it kind of a taboo word and is swept under the rug, but it’s a normal thing that shouldn’t have to be hidden behind anything.

Currently, the members are working towards normalizing and equalizing women in the world today, making equality a normal thing for people in the future.

Another point to bring in is that this group is not just for women.

“The name might be deceiving, but we have all genders in our group, but if you like supporting women around the world, this club is for you,” said Brant.

The group meets every Thursday starting at 3 at East Campus in room 209.