Finstas: private life brought public

Seth Caines, Perspective Editor

Finsta, defined by Urban Dictionary, is the combination of the word fake and the word Instagram to produce a fake Instagram in which people post pictures that generally wouldn’t go on their main Instagram account.

This whole “Finsta” movement has become popular amongst students all throughout the country. But what is a Finsta used for?

Finstas are primarily used as an unorthodox way to interact between the younger generations, generally filled with comedic posts.

Finsta culture has been used erratically by teenagers for comedial and emotional purposes.

Sarah Wakeel, senior and owner of the Finsta “Wakeelster,” said, “Primarily on my Finsta, I post my thoughts and how I’m feeling.”

One important aspect when making a Finsta is the username. There are multiple ways a person decides what they want their username to be.

Usernames will range from quirky, to even as far as having dark meanings behind them. They all seem to have some comedic aspect amongst them-one specifically being that is a play on words of your own name.

An example of this being my own Finsta— Sethenphetomenes— which is a play on words of the word methamphetamines, the scientific name for meth.

But what is the underlying purpose of a Finsta?

Using my own personal Instagram, I was able to create a sticker on my story that asked questions about people’s Finsta. One question being, “What do you primarily use your Finsta for?”

The primary response being “Just posts that don’t generally make it on my main Instagram account”

Students use their Finsta as a platform in which they can be free to post what they please, whilst also having a way to show a different side of them that one wouldn’t generally see on their main Instagram.