Illinois taxes are too high for its residents

Jenna Hanson, Perspective Editor

The people of Illinois are leaving us!

The taxes are outrageous and the only way to fight back now is to just pack up and leave.

You have to admit that it can’t solely be taxes. Other states hold other jobs and Illinois should move up to their level.

Personally, moving companies are making more than the government right now due to the fact that so many people are packing their things and moving out.

Warmer weather and lowered taxes is really the new calling today.

“The population has gone down by 65.9 percent since 2010” says Shannon Antinori from The Patch.

There’s no way the state government can stop everyone from leaving. Maybe we could lower taxes?

Nope. As the population decreases, the leftover residents are looking at higher taxes.

Another reason for this mass exodus would be the weather. It is literally tundra here most days out of the year. Everywhere else is considered to have be close to tropical.

But everyone hating on Illinois for having weather that changes faster than light, at least give it a break. Nature cannot be controlled.

From personal experience, Illinois does pay its people pretty nicely with a minimum wage of $8.25 per hour, but it does cancel out when it comes to the high cost of living. However, property taxes are barely affordable and make the people wonder if living in a small house is worth it when other places have larger with less taxing.

“2.32 percent is just for property tax. Averaging out to $5,555 per year” says

We can be paid a lot, but a lot of it goes back into the government because we are taxed so high like earlier stated. All residents in Illinois are also charged an income tax of 4.95 percent. You are already in debt just by reading this.

The way that the government handles the amount of taxing they put on residents in enough to make everyone wish Illinois didn’t exist. Middle class families cannot be taxed so high that food cannot be brought to the table for their families when they are too busy feeding the government.

The midwest does fluctuate their taxes and property is so expensive, but we do have jobs by the bundle for anyone that pay really well.

The weather and well-being here helps new families want to begin their life out here. Jobs start with fast food to farmers and everything in between.

People in Illinois need to understand how to budget their money and buy property in places that do not tax as high. It could almost be safe to say that avoiding our problems is the way to go?