LP gears up for AP testing

Jake Perez, Staff Writer

AP testing can be very nerve wracking for students at Lake Park.  There is a lot of pressure to do well, especially if students aren’t properly prepared.  While it is largely up to the student to take initiative and study for the test, it is also very important that teachers prepare students for the test as much as possible.

Teachers at Lake Park are generally very knowledgeable as to which topics will be on the test, and have learned from prior tests to determine what material is most important.  For example, the AP World History teachers give an online practice exam once a week for the five weeks prior to the exam. These practice exams consist of questions taken from previous year’s AP exams, which helps students recognize which topics generally make it onto the test.  
“It was great knowing what types of questions were on the test, because I knew exactly how to study,” said junior Norbert Szczotka.  

In the weeks leading up to the test, teachers create practice questions, give testing tips, and make themselves available to students for any questions.  Some students look over their notes and study guides from the class, while some more determined students take practice tests and attend review sessions. Overall, teachers and students both have a lot to do to prepare for exam day, and the biggest difference between the two is their general feelings going into the test.

Many students go into the test with a feeling that they are not going to succeed.  

“I went into (my) test feeling like I was going to get a one or a two,” said junior Frankie Guida.  

It seems that no matter how much a student prepares, there are still going to be nerves when walking into the big testing room.  It also doesn’t help that the test is very long, giving students more time to overthink. Most students are nervous wrecks come test day, and are glad once the whole experience is over.

Teachers don’t usually seem too worried about the test.  “The students have been working towards this test since the first day of school in August, and I am confident they are ready to go by May,” said Alexandra Hamilton, history teacher.  

Teachers may exude this confidence because they have been through the test day so many times, or simply because they want to be a comforting presence for their students.  Whatever the case, the teachers definitely feel less nervous going into the day than the students do.

All in all AP teachers at Lake Park always make sure to do everything they can to prepare their students for the exam, so that they can relax and have confidence in their students come test day.