Wham, bam, thank you Shazam!

Jay Harrison, Staff Writer

Shazam is a no brainer fun watch. Although if you think too hard while watching this film you will become deeply depressed with the mediocrity of the storytelling, the themes the tone and basic premises of the whole thing.

First of all, readers beware: you’re in for a review by someone who read the character defining storyline that rebooted Shazam for the modern age (WHICH IS MUCH BETTER and available at your Lake Park library!).

The number one reason that I was personally disappointed in Shazam!, which is no fault of its own, was because it was overhyped by online reviewers whom I trusted and distrusted.

All said it was a good film. IGN, Rotten tomatoes, Chris Stuckmann, Jeremy Jahns, Andre The Black Nerd, Captain Midnite, moviebob, and Hi Top films put it as a “breath of fresh air in a stale genre” and then immediately compared it to other, better films within that genre.

The other universal comments for this film is that there are portions that feel “under-cooked.” To this comment I would say we shouldn’t eat uncooked food.

I would go into detail on how the whole film was poorly adapted and written in large, but there is one scene that illustrates my points. The first time a hero stops a crime or does something good is crucial. It’s why you can still buy the first issues of nearly every superhero through reprints like true believers. The comic that the film takes inspiration from has Billy confront a mugger who is trying to snatch a purse. He flicks the mugger and pushes him flying and the lady thanks him. Billy being short on cash asks for a twenty when the lady asks if she could do anything to repay him. Whereas in the film the lady has pepper spray and Billy is entirely unnecessary to help her and  freaks her out I where she gives all her money to him.

I think this one scene demonstrates the ideas that keep Shazam from being a good film or story. When I read the comic I laughed, cried, and learnt something. This film I laughed and had a good time with another lancer so in that sense it served its purpose, but other than that it was mediocre at best.