Girls soccer meets challenges of new season head-on


Yomna Ibrahim, Staff Writer

Although there are still a couple games left of the season, the Lake Park Girls Varsity Soccer team recaps on their performance. According to Sean Crosby, the team’s head coach, there has been “three wins, ten losses, and one tie.”  

“We have shown ups and downs throughout the first half of the season, losing games to top-ranked teams at the start of the year. Over the last two weeks we won three games in an exciting fashion that included an overtime penalty kick shootout victory and a buzzer-beater ending goal,” said Crosby.

It might have not been the girls’ best season, but according to Sarah Novak, a junior on varsity, the team has been placed in a different and more challenging conference than last year.

“Our conference has a lot of strong competitors in it,” said Novak. “Our biggest challengers have been the Conant and St. Charles schools, however, when we faced them we came together as a team and kept their scoring chances low”. When asked about the conference, Crosby states that the girl’s performance is “very impressive given our difficult DuKane conference.”

The team has been practicing very hard, going to multiple hour practices and doing intense conditioning workouts in order to improve their skills and prepare them for possible wins.

“At the start of the season, a lot of the goals that were against us were from set pieces like corners or throw ins, but we have overcome most struggles and improved our defense against them. Now, they haven’t been scoring on us as much as before using these ways,” said Novak. “One of our top goals was to be able to defend really well as a team and prevent other teams from scoring so much. On the other hand, we also wanted to make sure we took risks and took shots every time we had a chance to.”

According to Crosby, “The team has learned that we can fight to the last minute to win games, even if it means overcoming injuries and obstacles along the way.”

“Our players are very dedicated to the sport,” Novak says, “One of our teammates, AnnMarie Ahrens (sophomore on varsity), has been working very hard this season. She is always all over the field and defends very well. She has a major offensive role by playing a lot of through balls to our outside mids and having a lot of shots on net.”

The team may have had a rocky season, but they still came together to win some games and form bonds with each other.

“Although the outcomes of our games aren’t always the best, we still have fun working together as a team,” said Novak. “We put our hearts out on the field.”