College admissions scandal continues to plague the airwaves, and our minds

Jenna Hanson, Perspective Editor

Lori Loughlin: constant celebrity scandal headline and a major disappointment to everyone all around.

The former Full House star was accused of bribing the admissions in Southern California University for her daughters to be crew (rowing) team recruits. Neither girl has played this sport.

Okay, so money can buy a lot of things and education is something that has to be purchased. And yes, college is expensive and when your net worth is $20 million, you can do just about anything. For such a family to pay $500,000 per daughter to go to college, money is nowhere near an issue.

But there’s a wider perspective here. High school students earn their way into college, save up all of their money, and push themselves to study and work for what they want. When Loughlin’s daughter, Isabella announced on a video posted on Instagram Live that she was “looking for parties and hanging out,” and once the video was uncovered, she shortly deleted her Instagram account to help with her parents’ “not guilty” plea.

Once Lori and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli were in too deep in their court case, they began to speak out, and they now say they felt “manipulated” and convinced themselves that they did not break any laws. Both walked into this thinking nothing could come out of it, but sweeping it under the rug is not what will make everything right. The couple realized how serious everything turned out to be and want to convince the judge that their intentions were only to have their daughters go to school, not to spend up to 40 years behind bars.

There are students that may never make it into their dream school because they simply cannot afford it. Yes, celebrities do bring in a lot of money, but throwing it around and bribing their way into college is not the image they would like to produce for themselves.

The backlash from students, parents, and all around haters has only made Loughlin’s image worse. What was once so innocent and child-like on Full House is now damaged as greedy and almost bragging about the money they can spend on money.