Lake Park’s Gatsby-themed prom sure not to disappoint

Riley Ellison, Staff Writer

PROM! It’s been the word that has been on almost every senior’s mind since the beginning of this year, or even since freshman year. The date, the dress, the pictures, all the things that will make a
perfect night.

This year’s Lake Park Prom will be held on Friday at Cotillion Banquets in Palatine, and starts at 5:30. This year’s theme is the Great Gatsby, so be prepared to show off your best Charleston. The after prom will be held on the Mystic Blue boat at Navy Pier. It will be a night filled with food, dancing, and unforgettable memories to send our senior class of in such a fantastic way.

The night as well will feature the crowning of Prom King and queen, as voted by on the students. One out of our five queen nominees (Sarah Abraham, Alicia Borshecki, Melina Colucci, Isabella Gallichio, and Madison Kuffel) and one of the 5 king nominees (James Arey, Seth Caines, Niklas Neiderman, Aayush
Patel, and Nathan Reid) will take the crowns.

Nominee Isabella Gallichio spoke on her nomination and making it into prom court, saying “Well (art teacher Frank Matas) nominated me for being a hardworking, helpful, and supportive student. I’m excited about being on the court because despite it being a “competition,” the court is a selection of well deserving, friendly Lancers, supporting each other with love and kindness through our last weeks of our high school careers.”

Prom has been a long time tradition of not only Lake Park, but high school’s everywhere. It’s where seniors can take the moment to reflect on all the memories they’ve had throughout their four years in a exciting way. Each person is looking forward to many events that are happening that night.

Senior Jenna Hanson said, “I am looking forward to seeing everyone dressed up, and having their hair and makeup done. I also like to see who each person is going with. For this year specifically I am excited to go on the Mystic Blue Boat and take pictures on the skydeck, as well as dance on the lower decks.”

As we come closer and closer to Prom, make sure that your tickets are purchased and that your final dress alterations have been made, so that every attendee will have the perfect prom of their dreams.

From everyone at the Lake Park Perspective, we hope that everyone attending Prom this year has a safe and amazing night.