Seniors: Finish strong

Jenna Hanson, Perspective Editor

A s seniors, we are expected to lead by example all while trying to figure our lives out at the same time.

Not only do we have many assignments and finals, we also have deadlines. Some include decision day, capstones, next year’s roomates, Prom dates, and who we are bringing to graduation.

AP testing began May 6 for everyone, deadlines for final projects keep creeping slowly but surely. The home stretch is looking more like another mile for some of us. The decision day also has come upon us a lot quicker than anticipated. Weren’t we walking in to get our final student IDs just two weeks ago?

Reality will set in very soon when we truly realize that we are merely down to double digits for days left. We didn’t really realize it in January, and now, soon it will turn into single digits. And then what?

I’ll tell you what. Everything will kick off after Prom. On to the next chapter.

As we cross the stage, the world will be put into our hands. It will not be easy, but as the great Nick Carraway from The Great Gatsby once said, “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

Aiming at moving forward, we are not going to be put in easy situations and surely nothing great, but if we keep fighting on, we are able to keep going. Push through.

Going through your days, the way that this year has passed has been so fast looking at it now. Thinking back to the first day and not having a clue what was in store and then it was Homecoming and now it’s Prom. Some days were good and others now, but you only lived one or two bad days or multiple, but you are this age one time. You will always have a bad day here and there, but when you think about it, you will be a senior one time…

Well, other than college, but let’s not get technical.

As we keep going, everything that is planned or unplanned will happen for a reason. It will happen to set you up for the next moment and then the next. You will always grow through life, no matter your age.

Don’t force yourself to stop once you graduate high school or even college.

As decision day passed and AP tests begin, all tension will arise between each other. Stress brings out the real side of people.

Just keep pushing. It will be hard for a few days, but it’s struggle for a little bit and then two months off.

You worked hard to make it to this day. Push through.