Feminism evolves to meet society’s needs

Yomna Ibrahim and Shana Jose

Although a debatable topic, most people can agree that the meaning and goal revolving around feminism differs all over the world. Typically, the purpose of being a feminist is to achieve equality for women in comparison to other genders, however, that goal can be harder to achieve for others.

In India, for example, women have to face a stronger battle when fighting for equal rights, varying from trying to achieve the same wages to fighting for uniform healthcare.

While having to push for these rights, women in India also have to deal with constant rapes and sexual assault and must live with the constant fear of being sex trafficked in attempt to leave their homes. It is more difficult for these women to rise up for themselves considering they are facing this discrimination in a society that is filled with patriarchy. Considering the treatment they are facing, the rise of feminist movements are crucial to these women.

Shivani Saluja, junior and member of Lake Park’s Girl Up, shares her insight on the need for feminism in India. “The rise of feminist ideals is definitely needed in India. No girl is allowed to leave the house  without someone with them, women who drink or smoke are looked down upon, and women have less educational opportunities,” says Saluja, “it is an issue that definitely requires more attention.”

“When I was visiting my family in India I witnessed women get touched by strangers and I myself have been personally restricted in terms of going out or what I wear while staying there,” explains Saluja.

The importance of feminism isn’t really something that is heavily discussed, even though it is a major issue that differs for every women depending on many factors including the standards set by the society they live in, their race, or even religion. Women in India aren’t the only ones facing this type of harassment, but due to the rise of feminist ideals around the world, women everywhere are slowly progressing towards equality.