Last chapter of “Avengers” films delivers, enthralls. Even if you’re not a nerd


Chris Hemsworth, the God of Thunder, and soon-to-be alcoholic Avenger. (Sorry–spoiler)

Jay Harrison, Staff Writer

As a movie-goer, you should go see this film. It is the blockbuster of a lifetime that is beyond criticism and cynicism, for right now. Whether you are a fan of the Marvel cinematic universe, a casual fan who has seen a couple of the films or has seen no films previously you can go into this film and have a good time.

Avengers: Endgame is the emotional climax for 21 Marvel films, but where this film shines brightest is in the giant spectacle and event of the year where you can see the best special effects, makeup, lighting, cinematography, costuming, CGI, and emotional performances from A-list actors that have a clock on how many more movies they will be in. You may be a little confused if you haven’t seen a single Marvel movie but just go on Netflix watch Avengers Infinity War and maybe Guardians of the Galaxy volume two if you want to know where those characters come from but this movie can stand alone in the sense that a season finale two-parter can be seen on their own.

The best outcome that this film brings people together over the characters that are trying to gain control over their own lives and reality. I know this is vague but any story that expands into such lengths has a big vague theme that when seen through one of the many characters it changes through the struggles they had.

As a nerd, I am conflicted. I still think you should go see the movie because of the historic first where no other film has had as many majestic a list actors such as (Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Don Cheadle, Paul Rudd, Brie Larson, Karen Gillan, Danai Gurira, Bradley Cooper, and Josh Brolin), or a story spanning over so many movies. As a nerd, the question I often face is, have I seen this before? The closest answer in terms of cultural significance is Star Wars and even then the differences are not apparent until you look from afar.

The at-a-glance comparisons are a massive box office haul, giant with directors, having to put aside their artistic vision or be removed to get directors in place who would agree with executive decisions. This was seen with the parting of ways with other directors and George Lucas made the prequels by himself.

As well as the sale of star wars to Disney. Whereas in the Marvel realm of movies, the Avengers films started out being directed by Joss Whedon; he left because he could not handle the restrictions given to him by Kevin Feige after the second film: Avengers age of Ultron.

With the Russo brothers spearheading the rest of the M.C.U. after the second captain America film the winter soldier. This is when I think the films changed thematically and stylistically.

The style and feel of the films made by the Russo brothers have always had a disconnect for me where I was never truly brought into the worlds of the characters in their films. This film didn’t quite transport me out of my world.

I don’t have any scientific quarrels, but in Infinity War they postulate that a snap of the fingers from the gauntlet could wipe out half of all life, and I remember a very basic concept from Human Geography that is the doubling time for a population, so unless Thanos snapped every 70 years for the human population his progress would be meaningless but devastating to say elephants whales or giraffes with longer gestation periods of over a year each respectively compared to humans who need 9 months.

With this being said this makes the story less credible as they hadn’t really thought out the implications. The question that I think is most important though beyond liking this as after seeing the film is, is this really the end? what was the endgame? I think the purpose of the film was to give a satisfying ending to a saga that isn’t really ending. I think that with perspective I don’t think this film will hold up other than being the first time that this many times got together on this scale, not the last time.

Imagine 30 years from now there will most likely be more companies or just a Disney consolidation of corporations making movies trying to start cinematic universes left and right in that sense Marvel is the first and I hope not the last to shatter records and to create a set of meaningful characters that all fight for the greater good.