South Asian Student Association gains ground with student body

South Asian Student Association gains ground with student body

Shana Jose, Perspective Editor

South Asian Student Association, also known as SASA, is a new and rising extracurricular at Lake Park High School. It started off as a small group of students back in 2016, and this year it has decided to step up and make its way to becoming an established club at Lake Park. From the Special Education and Math department at East Campus, Rakhi Mistry advises this amazing student-led organization. The executive board of this club include: Shana Jose, Zahra Bhojani, Yomna Ibrahim, Joe Thomas, Shivani Saluja, and Seena Thomas.

Inspired by the other cultural clubs, SASA hopes to provide exposure of South Asian culture to the students and staff of Lake Park through the various events they hold. For example, SASA aims to teach Lake Park important South Asian celebrations such as Diwali, Christmas, Eid, and more. What is even more exciting, is the food provided in the SASA events are often of South Asia. Here, you have a chance to try new foods.

Aside from the cultural aspect of the club, it is one of SASA’s values to provide service to the community through volunteer work. On February 19th, SASA will be having its first volunteering experience with Phil’s Friends located in Roselle, IL. This is not the only volunteering event, but the first of many more, including the Shoebox Operation to make and provide care packages for those in need in Africa.

SASA invites students of all backgrounds to join in on the fun and learn more about South Asia. It is a great opportunity to volunteer, take lead, learn, and have a great time.

Zahra Bhojani, Vice President, talks of her experience in leading this organization. “Being South Asian myself, and after talking with other students and teachers of different backgrounds, I did not realize that people do not know much of the beauty of South Asian culture. This pushed me to express and share my passion for my background by helping in leading SASA to educate people who are misinformed on our culture. This is a great organization and I cannot wait to see it flourish over the next few years. I highly encourage students to try something new and join!”