Science fair does volunteer work

Yomna Ibrahim, Perspective Editor

Every year, Lake Park’s Future Medical Professionals are given the opportunity to judge a group of 7th graders’ science projects at St. Walters. Sponsored by Mrs. Lovelace-Birk, the Future Medical Professionals club requires its members to complete a minimum of eight volunteer hours and the science fair is known to be one of the most exciting ones of the year.

This year, the club is attending St. Walters on Friday, January 24, 2020 at 3:30. Shivani Saluja, senior and officer of the club, states that the science fair is one of her “favorite activities of the year and that she has been really looking forward to it”. Once the members arrive at the middle school, they are given a scoring rubric in order to be able to judge the students’ projects based on the teacher’s given categories. The students at St. Walters are always super excited to present and impress the members with their hard work.

The students’ science projects vary from well-made posters to live, hands on experiments. Shana Jose, senior and officer of the club as well, shares her favorite project from when she volunteered last year: “My favorite project was when one girl created crystals right in front of me. I could tell she put in a lot of effort and time in her project which left me really impressed. It made me question if I was capable of doing such things at that age.”

The science fair is held in the gym of the school and snacks are provided for the judges. The volunteers are assigned around ten numbers and must look for the students around the gym. Since as many volunteers are needed for this day, Mrs. Lovelace-Birk also opened up the opportunity for her Anatomy & Physiology students to participate as well.

Whether or not the judges’ scores for the kids actually factor in to their final grade is unknown, however, the science fair is still known to be super enjoyable for the judges and the participants. The students are able to show off their hard work and the judges are able to gain some knowledge regarding middle school science topics.