Math team places third in IHSA competition


The Lake Park Math Team came in third this last December at the IHSA Math Competition.

Through the north suburban math league, five schools attended the competition held at Lake Park East.

Each school within the competition is represented with a minimum of three and a maximum of five contestants with as many alternates as they want.

If a school wins the competition at this level they can win at a regional competition to move on to the state level competition, which is the highest that a «nerd» (a Math Team term of affection) could hope to compete.

Lake Park’s Math Team is known for their dedication and confidence when it comes to competing.

They have been practicing every Tuesday and Thursday for events like this. If a team receives a high enough score, they can be put into a lottery to compete at state.

Last year, Lake Park’s Math Team scored high enough to be entered into the lottery, and ended up winning.
This is where contestants could even compete in special events and where Chad Berkitch, senior at Lake Park, won a medal.

“The next competition is going to be dealing with vectors and we will destroy!” said Berkitch. “We have magnitude and direction.”

Which is to say, for those of us not taking calculus, they are determined to succeed.

Math team sponsor Mr. Pawlak said, “The sophomores did well placing first and the juniors had a tougher competition. There is definitely room for improvement,” he said.