FMP eyeglasses drive meets global need

Shana Jose, Perspective Editor

If you or you know someone who wears eyeglasses, you must know how important they are to daily life. Now imagine being so poor, and unable to afford them. Not being able to afford them, means not being able to see clearly.

To help make a difference and in order to help individuals see clearly, Future Medical Professionals at Lake Park started their very first used eyeglass drive which was held from March 11th to March 25th, where collection boxes were found around the school. The drive is affiliated with the Roselle Lions Club organization, whose vision is to create a permanent vehicle for the delivery of services to the visually and hearing impaired. To help the visually impaired, Lions of Illinois collect and recycle used eyeglasses to give for free for adults and children around the world in poor countries. Your old glasses, a family member’s or a friend, can help bring an individual’s eyes back into focus again. 

Now your part is easy. You would simply have to ask friends, family, or even neighbors if they have any old pair of eyeglasses that they are willing to donate. As for the glasses itself, they can be of any style, as long as they can be worn. Aside from this, the lenses must be unscratched and cannot be misplaced. Metal or plastic frames? It doesn’t matter because any style may be used.

By the end of the drive, Lions club members pick the collection boxes up when the drive is over. From here, they will be delivered to a Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center (LERC) where volunteers sort through the glasses, clean, organize by prescription strength, and package the eyeglasses. The recycled glasses will be then distributed to low and middle-income Third World countries where they will have the greatest impact. Some of these countries include Costa Rica, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, Swaziland, or Morocco. Aside from this, eyeglass missions are also sent to areas of need as a result of natural disasters.

“I am so glad FMP began the eyeglass drive! Eye care is just as important as any other health issues, and should have attention brought onto it. I hope that this drive continues on for years to come at Lake Park,” Jennifer Vazquez, Future Medical Professionals Officer.