Dangle your carrot internet

                Carrot dating, because telling your parents you met on eHarmony was so easy.

                Fresh to the Apple app store and Google’s Play store, the Carrot dating app was designed with shy affluent men in mind. The premise behind the app is for men to literally bribe women into going on dates with them.

                The app itself is free, but you buy points within the app that can be spent on gifts for potential mates. Free is always a wonderful selling point as there have been over 30,000 members in the first three weeks, and according to the creator of Carrot Dating, MIT graduate Brandon Wade, those who signed up were both men and women.

                How Carrot Dating has gone about presenting themselves has been one of the bigger issues in my eyes. Forged on the slogan of: “Be transparent. Be firm, dangle your carrot,” it is no secret that the app is going out of its way to be far more than just “some app.” Want a chuckle? Go to YouTube and search “Carrot dating”, you will then find a man explain this app in his “worldly” British accent.

                Carrot’s “promo video”, if you will, does bring up one shockingly truthful point: what if you are not beautiful? Websites like eHarmony do not take that into consideration, oh woe is you, do not even bother with banking on personality profiles and photoshopped images, just provide your future mate with say a bribe for a tattoo?

                To avoid being deemed thinly veiled prostitution, the suitor is not allowed to bribe a date with strictly money, oh no, that would be unethical and immoral. However, instead of just exchanging cash, there is a list of twenty gifts that could be purchased, all from a nice dinner date to a tank of gas or even plastic surgery, yes that is one of the options.

          Online dating as a whole has been under-fire for years, but there are plenty of stats to prove that it is a viable option for meeting a mate. According to Reuters, 40 million people have “tried” online dating, with $1.04 billion in total revenue each year.

          With those stats in mind this is not Wade’s first venture into online matchmaking. His first attempt was seekingarrangements.com which was an attempt to pair “sugar daddies” with potential obviously younger mates. The average income for a male user on the website in 2012 was $250,000, which proves that he understands the medium at hand.

          Let the record show that Wade took but another he also created whatsyourprice.com which put the power on beautiful people. Women put together a personality profile and top it off with a nice picture and from then on the work on the men. At that point, the men, not unlike eBay users, attempt to outbid one another in order to secure a date.

          Last but certainly not least, Wade also has his hands on another “dating” website. The website goes by the not so subtle name of misstravel.com. Of course it falls in-line with the borderline stalker-prostitution feel that rest of the Wade projects employ. Men put together profiles describing where they would like to travel and how they can afford it.