Seniros exit Lake Park with plans, hopes, dreams

Amanda Layne, Staff Writer

As another great year at Lake Park is coming to a close, most students are focused on what they’re going to do over summer break.

But the senior class of 2015 have much more on their minds. The day that they’ve been anticipating in both joy and fear all their lives. The day that means they’re leaving home for the first time and living on their own off of a microwave and soda. The day they get to walk across the stage and say, “I made it”: Graduation.

This year’s celebration will take place at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates on Tuesday, May 26. Graduates will arrive at 5 p.m. with rehearsal starting at 5:15, followed by ceremonies begin at 7.

Lake Park Student Activities Director Dominic Manola said over an email interview that this location is not only chosen for its size, but for its style, too.

“[The Sears Centre] allows for as many people that want to be there as possible,” Manola said. “This way, no need to worry about seating limits. Plus, it’s a really cool venue!”

The size is also crucial—it has to be large enough to house over 600 graduating students and all their family members and friends attending.

“Typically we have around 650 graduates and their families, so it could easily be as many as 2400 people,” Manola said.
And speaking of those 650 students, Lake Park West Campus Principal Janet Constien had only great things to say about the class of 2015.

“The Class of 2015 is an exemplary group of young people,” said Constien. “They have individually and collectively achieved excellence in academics, activities and athletics.”

Mari Colucci, Maria Zepeda, Antonio Shenault and James Palmer, creators of the “Lancer Nation,” stood out in particular to Constien.

“I believe [that Lancer Nation] has done a great deal to enhance the sense of student community at Lake Park,” said the West Campus principal.

Along with activities, seniors have also succeeded athletically and with volunteer work.

“They have excelled in athletic areas with both team and individual conference and state recognitions” Constien said. “They have also proved that they have giving hearts through their extensive philanthropic efforts.”

But in order to respectfully celebrate this talented class, certain rules are expected to be followed regarding applause.

“As always, we ask that people are respectful of everyone,” Manola said. “While we know [people] want to cheer when [a] graduate is announced, we ask that [all] hold [their] applause so that everyone can hear their graduate.”

And these graduates are expected to do great things in their futures as well. Constien can see some LP reputable alumni among this class, or “[individuals] who exemplify the characteristics of an ideal Lake Park Graduate.”

“There are definitely young people in this class who have lofty aspirations and great personal drive,” Constien said. “I’m sure there is a distinguished alum among them!”