No, Deadpool is not kid-friendly. Why do you even have to ask?

Juliet Furlong, Perspective Editor

Many parents, after viewing Deadpool with their young children have complained that the crudely comedic movie is  inappropriate for young children.

One knee-jerk reaction to such a complaint is usually “Why did you bring your child to a rated R movie?”

The standard answer: “I didn’t know that the movie would be this inappropriate.”

Claiming “I didn’t know it was inappropriate” after walking in the door of a theater playing a R-rated movie basically debunks the purpose of movie ratings altogether. They’re supposed to warn spectators of what they can expect to see when they watch it.

Deadpool’s advertisements, consisting typically of crude language, and other unmentionables, gave very clear warnings as to its inappropriateness for children. To miss these warnings would practically be falling off the face of the earth.

Ryan Reynolds, the actor who portrays the merc with a mouth, even tweeted a warning: “There will be blood. Guns. F-bombs.”

Yet even Deadpool himself wasn’t enough proof for parents to not take their kids to see the movie.
There is even a petition started by parents to have Fox create a PG-13 version of Deadpool so that younger viewers can enjoy the movie as well. Which sounds great, until it takes into account how much editing would have to take place since a movie about a cancer-scarred mercenary using his sword the way a chef wields a Hattori HD-5 Santoku really doesn’t do well with PG-13 standards.

If anything, this PG-13 version would cut out a lot of Deadpool’s sarcastic and crude humor that makes him so appealing to mature viewers. This isn’t like a video game rating which has also been argued that if children can play rated mature video games, they can watch an R rated movie.

This point of allowing children to watch rated r movies because they can play mature video games doesn’t coincide with the fact that taking a young child to see Deadpool was just a bad idea, so now every other viewer must pay for it as well? That’s just unfair to the mature and responsible viewers especially if a planned sequel gets cut for it.