AP courses preparatory for exams, college, even life

Alex Stonkus, Staff Reporter

April 3, 2017

Students are more and more concerned on how to get into a good college, and taking AP classes may help you get into and prepare for that. AP stands for advanced placement. It’s a college level class high school students take....

How students cope with stress at Lake Park

Veronica DeSouza, Staff Writer

March 24, 2017

On social media, students constantly either have minor or major issues with other students. "Technology provides a way to talk constantly or view others’ pictures. This causes judgment and begin rumors."

SAT preparation is more work, but worth it

Matthew Cofrin, Staff Reporter

February 23, 2017

“Many students have the skills to succeed on the SAT, but many students don't perform up to their potential in the assessment because of time. The preparation for the assessment is important because it gives students a focused opportunity to review specific skills while learning how to effectively manage their time on the SAT.” --Jim Salter, English teacher

LP accommodates nontraditional gender identity issues for Turnabout

Alex Stonkus, Staff Reporter

February 23, 2017

Lake Park is not perfect, like any other high school. Students often glance at people not dressed or acting according to expectations. But in the end staff and students accept everyone for who they are.

Resource Center to host full-on Harry Potter-themed day

January 23, 2017

“I think that there’s still some nostalgia about (Harry Potter), even at the younger ages. We still see the remnants of that—we got a great book in their hands at a young age and got them hooked in, and I think they have still fallen in love with the fantasy genre.” --Jennifer Sutton, Resource Center director

Mind-bogglingly long words that you probably do not know about

Allison Simon, Staff Writer

November 15, 2016

Within the English language, there are countless mind boggling words being taught all over the world: either for future use in everyday life or just to be regurgitated for the next vocabulary test in English class. But there are...

Crash course: How to handle Halloween on a Monday

Josephine Pike, Staff Writer

November 8, 2016

“Hey, guys. Guess what? Halloween is on a Monday this year,” said that one person set out to ruin your day. But that one person is right. Everyone’s beloved holiday fell on the worst day of the week this year--a Monday....

Family Consumer Sciences Department creates the first ever Lake Park Cookbook

Claudia Sandine, Staff Editor

November 7, 2016

Nothing beats family traditions, especially ones that come from the kitchen! But perhaps some families do not own the best kinds of cookbooks. Thanks to the Family and Consumer Sciences Department, Lake Park will be creatin...

Together Helping Others is back for the 2016-2017 school year

Josephine Pike, Staff Writer

October 16, 2016

Lake Park’s very own fundraising organization, Together Helping Others, is back for the 2016-2017 school year with eyes set on bettering the Lake Park community once again. Together Helping Others is an organization at Lake Park that rev...

No-animal-product diets starting to gain popularity

Andrea Colantonio, Staff Writer

August 23, 2016

As a wave of healthy eating has taken over the Internet in recent years, vegan and vegetarian diets have become increasingly popular amongst young people. Vegan and vegetarian diets are sometimes scrutinized for lacking nutrients, ...