Snow cancels senior picnic, festivities continue

May 16, 2014

They're nothing if not adaptable. While the class of 2014 was hoping for an outdoor senior picnic today, the snow and generally lousy weather forced Lake Park to keep them indoors and in class one more hour before releasing...

Aquatic Center Project sinks, loses final vote

Nick Costanzo, Opinions Editor

March 27, 2014

Lake Park has been left high and dry once again as the pool referendum was defeated for the second straight year. Fifty-eight percent of ballots cast voted against the proposal, compared to 53 percent in the 2013 referendum. The...

New band director chosen after four-month search

Juliet Furlong, Staff Writer

March 11, 2014

Lake Park bids farewell to longtime band and music director Mike Chiodo, and we now welcome a new director to take his place. The search for the new band director took four months by the efforts of both the school and the Lake...

Polar vortex leaves area with a lack of road salt

Sharon Abraham, Arts & Entertainment Editor

March 11, 2014

With extreme weather frequently closing down schools in Chicago, we have to wonder, what happens if these conditions continue to appear for the rest of winter? One problem that has posed a threat to many wintry states is a salt...

LP has no snow days to make up- and none left, either

L Martin, Features Editor

March 11, 2014

  It’s official, Lake Park is out of snow days. But the good thing is that we don’t have to make anything up...yet. When students and staff were suppose to be sliding out of bed to get ready for school from the long win...

Lake Park now a five star school

Nick Costanzo & Jacob Litz, Staff Editors

November 18, 2013

Lake Park has initiated yet another student monitoring program. This time, the program of choice is the “Five Star Student.” The whole plan behind the initiative is to track, drive, and recognize the exceptional students...

Children’s play weaves fantasy with adolescent issues, to run in October

Stephanie Chavez, Staff Writer

September 27, 2013

Lake Park High School is kicking its theatrical season off with the children’s play The Still Life with Iris, premiering next month. The play features Alexandra Gal as Iris, a young girl from the magical land of Nocturno who be...

Earth Club eyes courtyard renovations for future student use

Antoinette Lobello, Staff Writer

September 25, 2013

Earth Club is teaming up with Fishing Club to renovate the East Campus courtyard garden by removing the two big trees and weeding the garden. Earth Club members have been bringing up the area, a potential student break spot right...

AP and ACT scores up for Lake Park

Abby Vehrs, News Editor

September 19, 2013

Lake Park celebrates another year of academic success and prepares to do even better as this year progresses. However, Illinois’ ACT scores have fallen to a ten year low. In fact, Illinois is the state with the largest dip...